TrundleBum FAQ's


What is a TrundleBum?

A. You could take a quick look at the words Trundle and Bum.
Perhaps that sheds very little light on the climber's use of 'trundle' ?
Let's look at a simple climber's glossary definition.
For very graphic example you might read this Forum post


Is someone that trundles, a TrundleBum?

A. No not necessarily at all...  trundling is an action.
The ways of a TrundleBum are...  a 'life style

Where you looking for a particular TrundleBum?

There are a few that hang around here and their numbers seem to be growing.
One in particular though, seems to be some kind of self ordained ring leader.

This one is even more verbal then the usual. Wether it's:
-running commentary on the painfully obvious
-advise on things you you never brought up
-the many utilitarian uses for 'kitty litter'

you allways know when he's around.
He is a legend in his own mind, a little off kilter...
yet undeniably unique