A TrundleBum has a:
- difficult time putting work priority above climbing
- difficult time calling any aspect of climbing 'work'
- strong sence of 'payforward' and eco mindedness
- strong sence of community
- seemingly a complete 'loner' to typical 'status quo'

A TrundleBum is typified by a desire to be/remain outdoors.
Although obviously into technical climbing, TrundleBums tend to find all kinds of excuses to remain outdoors even if the terrain is horizontal. Their favorite haunts however, are the lofty places. The perches and airies atop crags in the foothills and peaks of the high country. TrundleBums seem to gain exhiliration and almost nourishment from lofty exposure.

TrundleBums tend to be very self reliant.
They may seem cold at first but most are quite gregarious and more than willing to animate back to life stories of epics wrought adventure, often shivellry, more often snivellry but allways commradarie.